Hair Dye - Testing Schwarzkopf Nectra Color

As I've been dyeing my hair for about 6 years now, they needed a new color pretty urgent! My last color didn't last long, I will explain this shortly at the bottom.
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This time I went for the Schwarzkopf Nectra Color which is pretty new I guess. I took the Color 400 - Dark Brown and it was about 6€ (with a little discount).

My hair color before was not as dark as the ones displayed at the back of the package. It is also pretty damaged and dry (I have been struggling with this for a while now :( )

Review: The smell of this color is amazing! I doesn't stink at all and afterwards nobody would know that I dyed my hair in the bathroom. Fortunately the amount was a lot so one package was enough for my hair. I was very pleased about this because the colors I used before where barely enough (more information at the bottom!).
I left it in for 30min and then washed it out. First I thought I should have left it in longer because there was so much amount washing out. When my hair dried I was sure it wasn't too short as my hair went nearly black. I think this is not so bad, even though I would have liked it lighter, but I'll go with it as it's summer and will wash out and go lighter anyway.

Here are some before and after pictures:

    Before: (sorry for the bad quality)


Overall I will buy it again and probably stay with it as I don't really like to try out several different hair colors, if I've found a good one, I'd stay with it!

Before Story: Two years ago I colored my hair copper ("orange"?) and I'm still struggling with the lighter parts of my hair. I now dye it brown and soon it gets lighter and a bit orangy. Well I do like the copper color but I think dark brown suits me better. 
I've used Syoss Mixing Colors (I think Praline-Brown?) and the last few once were Syoss "Paris Brown". The color always went darker than it was displayed and didn't stay on very long. The last time I've dyed it was at the end of may and already 3 weeks later I wanted to do it again - and use a different color. It got lighter so quickly :(
I've liked Syoss because the hair felt quite nice afterwards and not at all dry, but Nectra Color did a better job - hopefully it doesn't get as light!